The Bear Goes Over the Mountain

i am the type of person who does her own thing, many times i am unconventional in my ways. i like to drive down a road i have never been just to go see where it leads and i never seem to get lost. i usually end up in the next state which is north carolina. so i jokingly say i am a bear going over the mountain.

i very rarely share my personal life with anyone, so when i put in for 3 weeks of vacation in february and listed the reason why i wanted all my weeks off at once, it only caused a slight ripple. my co-workers thought, yeah sure she is going to india to meet her future in-laws. well i fooled them, i did go to india but i went over there to get married to my honey.

well when i came back, my brother had told everyone at work that i really had gone to get married.... they couldnt believe it. they all thought i was crazy to marry a man i never met in person. i told them that i had spoken with my honey and his family for quite sometime and i felt that he is the right man for me. i asked one girl, who was quite vocally rude to me, why i was crazy. i told her if i was crazy, then so are women who link up with men they meet at bars. Atleast i spoke to my honey and his family for a long period of time. she said well he could be only putting on a front. i told her many people put on fronts, you never know a person completely.

i like to travel my own way, it is lonely most of the time.

it took me a long time to be the bear who goes over the mountain, for years i tried to mold into the "norm" of society. i personally find it better for me to be different from others. it makes me more true to myself.


skeeter skeeter
36-40, F
2 Responses May 31, 2007

I agree. it makes me feel better about my own self and I think you are right to follow your heart as they said. Some people do not understand how love works, it is a very mysterious thing. Many marriages people think will not last are the ones that actually last the longest!!

I loved your followed your heart.