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I'm mixed race. I was wiccan, but had adopted the Norse Gods. I'm drawn to asatru. Does it matter that my race is not equivicol to asatru, that not all my ancestors are from the correct region? I am Irish, Scottish, German, and half Latina. Can I practice asatru?
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dude i have no european bloodline or whatsoever but i practice asatru in asia, and i seem to find a lot of asian heathens here in my area, seeing the valknut in one's shirt and a couple of mjolnir pendants, i proceeded to them and asked them and it's okay tho, and they told me, since Odin is the Allfather we all have the right to practice Asatru as what we believe but we're just folkish towards our asian ancestors, it's like some kind of mix between the eastern culture adopting norse symbols, we used arak for blots instead of mead

I have a kindred seeker who is the same racial mix as you. I look to a persons actions as more you live asatru?

First of all, I totally think that you can practice Asatru, it does not look to your biological heritage, only the state of mind.

Then I would like to correct couple things in prewious comments.
Hutchb25:Finns did not com from Skandinavian stock but from east. We (yes, I am Finn) are genetically most related to Hungarians and by language most linked to people in Karelia and on sides of Volga (the ugri-languages). In ironage, the culture in skandinavia and also in Finland can be separated in two section. The vikingculture on costlines and the culture in inner parts of countries. In Finland for example people on westcost had more cultural differenses with people in inner parts of land (Häme, Savo and so on) than with people living on swedish costline. The vikingculture that modern Asatru seems to be based on is this costlineculture.
Thatonecreepydude: There were very little "mixbreeding" with finns and saami-people. Saami-culture is more related to norther shamanism than to pre-christian skandinavian culture.

I don´t want to sound like know-it-all but I know that it is quite difficult to have information about finnish history and old culture in english :)

I am a little under a quarter cherokee and Asatru is strong in my life. My mother tried to raise me Pagan, but it never seemed to make sense; it seemed too "feel good" and frivolous without real rhyme, reason, or consistency. I was raised under some strong cherokee influences by my step mother as well, but I simply never felt the call.<br />
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I do believe in the folk soul, and I am proud of Asatru as an aspect of my heritage. I believe that we all owe it to ourselves to explore the faith and lives of our ancestors, whoever they may be. After all, their ways are what brought us to wherever and whoever we are now.<br />
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But if someone is drawn to the ways of honor, courage, and pursuit of wisdom as encouraged by our way, it would be foolish to turn them away for the color of their skin.<br />
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Keep in mind one other thing: The Norse, Saxons, and Germans all had beliefs and gods branching from the same river. In many cases only the names were changed. And ultimately, we all came from one fairly small group of human beings. The Finnish people (correct me if I am wrong, someone) partially came from Scandinavian stock; the Slavs were a group of Scandinavians who headed East. In both cases, the similarities are clear.<br />
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So if you're feeling the call of the gods, follow it, and welcome.

I would like to add to this discussion, that the common man's view of race and ancestry is incorrect. As some one who's obsessed with ancestry, I will tell you that gene flow is a bucket-chain. There is probably 10% of you on this blog related to Genghis Khan, and probably NONE of you who aren't descended from Confucius at some point in your past. Because of the intimately entangling branches of ancestry, the fact is- Everyone who lived about 4000 years ago (recently in genetic history) is nearly everyone's ancestor. None of you are without asian, african, arabic, european, and native north and south american ancestors nomatter what your family tree appears to look like. In truth races don't exist as we imagine them, ethnicity is stacking of certain repeated traits.<br />
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Many Asatru see that ethnicity and culture are intimately tied, and Americans in particular who are European don't feel that they have a cultural heritage of their own that is unique. Many Asatrur seem to want to fill that void with an ethnic, cultural heritage they can call their own. This is a mistake. The Pigs have seized on heathenry for this very reason, don't be surprised to find a growing number of skinheads in our numers as LONG as this "ethnic heritage" attitude as preached by well-meaning groups like the AFA.

I totally agree with all of you. The gods and goddesses of the Icelandic people were only regional because the people of the time were quite regional. Also, remember, the Vikings were also the first explorers that traveled across the ocean. I am surprised I have not found more histories from the Native Americans that talk about the Vikings, or how the Viking's beliefs influenced those of the Native Americans. <br />
Anyway, my point is that even though certain Asatru would like to warp the faith into Neo-Nazism that is not found in any of the edicts or stories. Also, if you talk to people from Europe that follow the faith they will prove to you that like so many other faiths of the world Freya sees beauty in all people, Oden teaches wisdom can come from so many places, and Tyr doesn't look for blonde hair and blue eyes when seeking warriors.

If the gods have called to you and you hear the calling you are Asatru. Your ancestry should have nothing to do with it.

Sure, some may say its regional, some say its about filiation . <br />
I personally believe that your heart will tell you the truth. <br />
Believe is no thing of roots only.<br />
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And qail, i´m german, too. But its sad we have to mention this Nazi-Question again and again....

Of course you can be Asatru. In my opinion Asatru is universal. Some people advocate the so called "folkish Asatru" and believe, that the ancestors are most important. But I (being German, but definitely not nazi) think that the gods will support anyone, without distinction of person.