Serendipity, And How Life Comes Together. :)

I was raised in a non-denominational Christian Faith Assembly. I was always the odd child, the weirdo, the one that never quite fit in, with what seemed to me, to be a huge amount of people going through life as if they had all the answers that I didn't.

I read mythologies until I fell asleep, until my eyes burned, dreaming of a different life, a different culture that I could be a part of. I'd always been drawn to the stories of heroes and Gods; Goddesses and adventure; wisdom and magic. The ways of the society of this life didn't make sense for me, and I yearned for a different set of rules. A more down-to-earth, meaningful existence than what I see daily. I have been in this mindset for the last 20 years.

To me, those stories were the perfect life I could escape to, but one that I was taught wasn't real. When I was 12 I began questioning the things I'd been taught at church and at home, and was told to "Ask God." Their God didn't tell me diddly, and because I was lead to believe that in the Bible were "true and complete" answers, there was nothing in there to explain my questions.

I discovered Wicca in 2002, and began to be a part of the Wiccan Church of Canada. I was exposed to many different paths, and was always drawn to the Mediterranean and Norse. They were what I knew, what I loved from my childhood. After 5 years, I moved out of town and stayed "vague pagan/heathen", but didn't follow any particular path.

I recently (early 2011) became involved in the SCA (after 10 years of resistance! Haha) and was drawn to the persona of the Viking. I've been referred to as having a strong, Viking personality in the past, by many people, and it now made me look at the culture and the religion of the North more closely.

Since coming to this path of my life, I've found that the beliefs and practices of Asatru hold more reality for me than any other I've sought out, and I'm proud to say that I am Asatru. I am eager to learn what there is to know, researching anything and everything and forming my opinions, and look forward to meeting more people to interact with. :)
ShyaHazel ShyaHazel
31-35, F
Feb 25, 2012