The Saxonic Circle

I had re-kindled my obsession with the fall of Rome and the transition into the medieval period. Nothing was more striking than the history of the Germanic tribes pouring into Rome's borders. I'd studied this before through a christian lens but this time I wanted a full look. Beowulf, Weyland, The Anglo-Saxon Corpus. I began to read on Anglo-Saxon Paganism... it was mysterious and left me with more questions than answers.

However I became absolutely elated when I realized that the Anglo-sphere culture of the 21st century still carried the mark of these deities.

Monday i'd always known was the day of the moon... this became the day for Manni
Tuesday, I learned was Tiw's day ... Tiw was the one handed god of war and justice ... and that he was also found in Germanic Paganism as "Tyr"
Wednesday was always spelled funny to me but this used to be Woden's day... woden I recognized instantly as Odin
Thursday came quite apparent to me as "Thor's day" I didn't even have to look it up
Friday .. a day for Frigg (Frigga) and for freya
saturday... I've come to realize was different in every culture... but I prefered the frisian lordag which meant bath-day, this became a day of Mundilfaeri for me and his family
Sunday- day of the sun... a day for Sunna

I didn't take it seriously at all but I began to see the day's of the week as belonging to certain gods, and I honoured the tradition like my ancestors would the most casual way possible... just a simple realization that ... today.. belongs to a particular god

this was a simple way to celebrate ancient pagan rituals without slipping into some annoying new-agey bullshit.... Since then it's gradually became a way of life. The saxonic circle spins round and round like the great world mill

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if your asatru and in the area of edgewater/new symrna beach fl or close to those places me and a fellow asatruar seek to form a kindred in our area we are the only two we know of in our area

Hail the ancestors!
Hail the Gods!

Yes its true in 410 goths came from sweden and settled in eastern germany and eventually invaded western rome setting the stage for the fall of the roman empire.