Whatever Shore You Know As Your Own...

I am so glad I found this. I have followed the Old Way truly for two years now...and I have believed for 3, at least. We have a sort-of-kindred spanning a large area here, but we are spread thin here in North Idaho/Eastern Washington, and communication has become sparse.

I feel the gods and goddesses in my life and am guided by their virtue. I wish I could tell others, but working in public service in a small county of Christians, I don't know yet if it is wise. At least not until I am more knowledgeable. This truly is the religion with homework...I study every night.

I wish that I could bring others to welcome Asatru, or consider it. Even the bible specifies that we were divided by country amongst a plurality of gods; I wish they could see that and not feel imprisoned by their underlying fear.

How do I show them the strength in the hammer? How do I invite them to drink the mead of wisdom? Anyone who has had success in this, please tell me.

Or if you just want to talk, I would love that, too.

Hammer keep us strong.

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if your asatru and in the area of edgewater/new symrna beach fl or close to those places me and a fellow asatruar seek to form a kindred in our area we are the only two we know of in our area

I belong to Asatru and I feel your struggle. I live in the bible belt, meaning my voice would just be a whimper in a shout from Christians. Stay strong brother, the Gods and Goddesses will show you the path you seek.
May Thor protect you, brother.

Speak with me, our experiences are similar