The Long Walk

I was baptized Catholic and grew up having to attend church as I got older I dabbled in the occult and began a search for who I really was and what I believed in often going to extremes. At the age of 34 I was arrested on drug charges and while in prison I clinged to the only thing I knew at that time Christianity. It was all around me and the only spiritual path besides Muslim that was really accepted. When I was released to my halfway house in 2007 I met a man also just released and we began to work together. By the second day on the job I knew that I wanted to know him better..he was (is) the strongest man that I had ever met and his beliefs were like known that I had ever encountered before. He asked me two fundamental questions : 1. Are you of middle eastern descent? No; and 2. Why do you choose weakness over strength? That wasn't so easy for me  to answer not knowing that I had.

He began to talk to me everyday about Asatru since we were together at least 10 hours at work and then again at the halfway house. Every conversation was like a chink in the armor around my heart and mind and I began to see that I was not a sheep but a mighty white woman with value. I began my studies in earnest just over a year ago and have been working with prison ministry for about 9 months now.

I reach out to my kin within prison walls and am now the Gythia of my kindred, Ansis Bru. Iam proud of my people and where I am at in my growth within myself. I am teaching my daughter the runes (she is 7) she loves to write them with me.

I find the path of Asatru is not for is disciplined and takes a strength of heart some people in modern day society do not possess. I have noticed the trend towards cyber heathenry and opinionated non-practicing Asa fakes to be rather disappointing to me. Asatru is not in the memorization of folklore but in the action of ones faith (their personal walk)

Thank you and Hails to you

Lady Ember Sagasdottir

Ansis Bru Gythia

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36-40, F
1 Response Aug 14, 2008

Keep up the good work Ember! Our folk and our movement need strong women like you and yours!