My Journey

I discovered the glory of the gods and goddesses of my ancestors at the age of 32.  After growing up Catholic and having a troubled youth, due to abuse and self created hardship, I spent years in and out of prison.  Six years ago the gods were awakened in me and I have been working to change my life ever since. 

Asatru is unquestionably the spiritual path for me.  I identify with it entirely, and Odin is my patron diety.  I strive every day to live Asatru and lead a righteous life.  I have been truly blessed these past years, and all the questions I use to have, have been answered with my convertion.  I walk with the gods, and the way of the warrior.  Those who do not know of this way of life, or think of it as some kind of pagan cult, are sadly misinformed, or mistaken.  It is a deep, rich, and rewarding spiritual experience.

I look forward to the future and the day when all that I've strived to be, will be tested.  I know I will pass those trials!  I am interested in comunicating and networking with other Asutruar and pagans, and to continue this journey with others.  I have been a solitary practitioner long enough!

May the gods and goddesses of your ancestors be with you always.  Hail to the gods!  Hail to the goddesses!  Hail to the Folk! 

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36-40, M
1 Response Sep 12, 2008

hails brother, walk the path you can be one with, thats all we can realy do.