Finding Home

I discovered Asatru when i was 18 years old.  I had been researching religion since i was 15 trying to find a place to fit.   Nothing else has felt quite like home- the way this religion does.

It was introduced to me by my ex-sister-in-law (crazy connection but hey its there) and the people of her little "tribe" that she lived with....  it was an amazing thing to see... that many people loyal to one another and protective to one another. of course it was messed up with all sorts of other problems... but what isn't?? 

i know I'll spend the rest of my life trying to built up a community like that for myself and my family. 

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unfortunately I don't have as much experience as i'd like to. in any religion life tends to get in the way. I read the eddas .. try to walk the good path- talk to my deities...<br />
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that is what i would recommend... there's always going to be people who mess with the religion out there.. you need to find out what it means to you specifically and worry about what everybody else does later.

The self=rightgeous want to have the same thoughts,even when they don't work. Real love allows exchange. The hitler complex exists in all relgions. To be yourself is to know who you are.

I can really understand that actually. Me and a lot of asatru practitioners don't really get on too well. A lot of asatru people are "folkish" and they want everyone to agree with what they do. <br />
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The people i associate aren't like that. the people in my clan are mostly solitary practitioners so we do our own thing- just like any other families. most of them are pagan and not asatru <br />
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I'm not offended.... sometimes i get upset at my "kin" making the rest of us look bad.

Not meaning to offend I haven't always had the best of luck with the Asatrus I've met. Understandably it could of been that particular clan that I met, but they weren't as kind to those outside of their kin. Even though I was pagan I wasn't Asatru or even pagan enough despite things, but at least I wasn't Christian, a group they seemed the most hostile towards-more than any other pagan I had met. <br />
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This story does end nice but I was miffed for quite a while and figured that I never was a fan of the Vikings especially since they enslaved the Salvic people, one of my own ancestral races. However through branching out, meeting lots and lots of more pagans, I was invited to a Sambal ritual once for Summer Solstice. It was one of the most meaningful rituals I think I'd ever been to. Through my communications with this clan and others I found the Asatru to have a very rich and interesting mythology and history. I hope you find a fulfilling clan, I most certainly envied the way they were like family, but one that hopefully isn't too closed off.

I am now intrigued and going to look this up

now now, you did make 2 statements. and besides, you saved me from asking the same questions. I also don't know much about it and am curious, although thiesm in general dosn't appeal to me, nor does religion.

Wow- thats a lot of questions in one mouthful- but i will do my best. My particular bend of asatru doesn't really care about race... but we are all about culture-- if you are going to practice asatru you need to be true to the culture of their ancestors and gods... period- it has nothing to do with skin color or whatever. BUT there are many people out there who only think that people with Norse blood should practice a religion associated with the Norse culture and gods... and well it just gets complicated. Since asatru really isnt so much about practicing magick.... most of the people i know who are both asatru and "gifted" practice alone or .. if necciary in VERY small groups.... it is very hard to find people who practice the same religions that i do who also share my philosophy's on race and culture. I've spent a lot of time studying the "Edda's" which are the oldest documented "history" of my people... .for the most part i depend on the goddess to lead me through right and wrong- and it is shaped by that and what i can find... most of the sacred texts were destroyed by the Christians. As for how to practice... its hard to explain- its a mixture of meeting the right people at the right time and really doing your homework.... so much about magick is universal-- and i find that is the truth with religion in general..... beyond that we just try and stick to the culture-- the family coming first and that sort of thing.... at least for me