Rise Up

I have walked a long path to reach this point in my life. Many times I have lost my way through fear or ignorance. At times I have been called to act whaen i was afraid or to selfish to heed the call. But always there was something to lead me back home. I grew up as a christian but never felt at home in that belief system. As a boy I discovered a book of mythologyin my school library. In it I discovered the world of greek mythos and fell in love with the richness of those tales. From there I went on to explore other myths and eventually found the tales of the Aseir and Vanir. Of course it was Thor that captured my imagination, but over time i became drawn to the tales of Freyja and her brother/lover Freyr. When i was 18 two envents coincided in my life that changed me forever. I was given a deck of rune cards and I began meditating. at first these two pursuits remained separate interests, but over time as I became more involved with the runes my practices merged and became inseparable. My runelore continued to grow and became the central pillar of my spiritual practices. Over time my knowledge progressed from simple divination to creating tailismans and ultimately to exploring the 9 realms of runic consciousness. At first this was a very impersonal experience, but over the period of some 10 years I became increasingly drawn to forging a more personal relationship with the divine. The focus of my search began as Odin, the All Father. My rrunelore was greatly increased through gaining understanding of his expolits. Yet, as I looked more deeply into the tales of the veddas I began to see deep similarities to my own personal experiences and the tales of Freyr and Freyja. After many years I discovered that the magikal and spiritual path I had been following was called Siedr and it was from Freyja that Odin learned this craft. After that, I began seeking out the goddess's aid and wisdom. There followed many tests and times of personal sacrifice. And finally, one day, I felt the call to dedicate myself fully into Her service. I knelt down on the floor and placed my forehead on the ground. I called out to Freyja. I offered my self to her and asked for her blessing. I dedicated myself to her as a Hamingjur, a warrior-priest of the old ways. This was not something done lightly or impulsively. I had spent many years in preparation. I had sought out the knowledge of my ancestors and crossed the abyss not once but many times. I had spent many years honing my will and in the year before this moment I had intentionally purified myself in mind and body. As I knelt on the floor, I felt the presence of the Goddess before me and a voice rang out in my mind as if being shouted from all directions at once. "RISE! RISE SON OF MAN! RISE INTO THE SERVICE OF FREYJA!" These were the words I heard and as they washed over my consciousness I felt my body standing as if it had a mind of its own. Since then, I have found Freyja's likeness in every mythos the world over. She has blessed my life and she is ever ready to aid me. In return, I strive to heed her wishes and to live my life as the human embodiment oof her divine consort, Freyr. This path has lead me ever further into the mysteries of consciousness and at times it has tried my soul. Still, I am blessed to serve her in all her guises.
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can you make me a talisman?