My Finding Of Ásatrú

I discovered Ásatrú about a year ago. But I had been searching for a religion that I can fully believe in since I was 15. I was rise around the Bible, but I just cannot believe in it. There was something about it I just cannot believe. And when I went to church I felt like I did not belong there. So when I was 15 I stop believing in Christianity. The first religion I look into was the Ancient Greek Polytheism and Roman Polytheism, cause I always believe that there are many gods and goddesses.

But I may feel more comfortable with Ancient Greek Polytheism and Roman Polytheism but not fully. So, I continue to study it, hoping that more I study it then more I like it. Well then I find Germanic Neopaganism, it did not take too long for me to feel very comfortable with it. And cause my family’s ancestors may have believe in Ásatrú.

Sorry guys if its kinda sucks, but i'm tired. I work very late last night.

dracheritter dracheritter
22-25, M
Mar 4, 2010