I Am Asatru

i learned of Asatru in prison where its been corrupted into hate and a means to fit in. i don't believe that that is what the gods intended. i believe that faith of any kind is very personal and ancestral. i have been raised like most of us in this age that my ancestors where "barbarians" and ruthless killers. this is what the Vatican would have you believe, but i digress. i believe that all religions/races share this planet equally not one more superior than the other just...different. a difference to be celebrated and explored, one brick placed with another to build a structure greater than the sum of its parts. it baffles me how a johnny come lately religion could rule the world with out tolerating the beliefs of its populace...oh that's right, they don't. their way or DEATH and if they cant kill you, they will write history so it paints you in an off colored light, turns brother against brother, mother against child, to get what it want$. all the while preaching forgiveness, love, charity and asexual reproduction in mammals-all hail pope Caesar, again i digress-sorry. since learning the Asatru way my life has changed, i live as it says we are meant to live. i try to all ways be "a good host and a good guest", to fallow the "30 praiseworthy traits" THIS changed my life. i'm not constantly fighting some one or some thing, i haven't been to jail in 6 years opposed to going every 6 mo's. for me, Ragnarok cant come soon enough,...ah...too live in Baldahrs world, where i'm treated like a higher life force of this planet, with respect and dignity- we all sit top of the food chain, not just the rich and powerful...all of us! my place in the scheme of things should not be measured in what i can tithe to pope Caesar but my honesty and what i do for my kin and kindred. all you descendants of the white tribes of Scandinavia and northern Europe who feel lost and displaced, trying religion after religion, come home. no religion seems right because it doesn't speak to your essence. you feel alone because the tales of your ancestors, the poetic Edda, has been turned into cartoons and block buster movies. and if you need more proof they are block busters because we the descendants are enthralled by it, it speaks to us its our history, our legends, our heroes, turned into profit and not even for us. if your lost do your research, study the "first" century right up thru Romes "decline" read between the lines, factor in things like mans greed, his capacity to bring harm to his fellow man, his lust, envy, fears on and on and you'll see, its all there in their books. you just have to shake off the yoke of self loathing that Christianity teaches you, free yourself from guilt you don't own!!!

Dehrin Dehrin
41-45, M
Mar 10, 2010