Growing up i was taught that the world revolved around sex.  That sex was most important in a relationship . I heard  women and men discussing how good it was.
I found myself wondering what the heck was wrong with me. I hated sex. Had many sexual partners . I tried it  yet found nothing special about it. If
I fell in love  it didn't matter to me if  he
could perform. I fell in love with the person for his kind loving ways.

Later I met someone married him and found him to be a sex freak. He is not who he led me to believe he was. I feel trapped. I do not love him now. He has lied to me deceived me .  I want out but I don't know how.
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i did some ting similar got told it was normal to have sex with a partner and get married so i did dint like it evntually i got a devrce and left him<br />
that was 10 years ago now<br />
one day youll have enough and trust me your legs will walk you out the place and youll never look back then kick yourself for not doing it sooner one step at a time find some where to go and disappear to it first explain your not happy and you have to leave once settled then file for devorce its trully up to you how you want to play it its ither the 2 ways sit explain then leave or just walk and file for devorce and maybe a letter to explain why<br />
but its you that has to be brave and take the first step and say today things are today are gonna change for the better and its you thats got to take that inital step for the future you deserve good luck


can't say it better

leave him! tell him the truth! if that ****** tries to hurt you in anyway call the cops or defend yourself!