I am 21 and am still a virgin, I have recently discovered that I am a Asexual.
I don't look at either guys or girls and find them sexual attractive. I do love the start of relationships with the dating and seeing movies etc but when it get physical I will back off.
I am just looking to find someone I can be myself and be happy with :)
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1 Response Jul 21, 2010

Just make sure that you be honest with the people you date. You are not the only 21 year old virgin out thre. <br />
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If there is somebody who seems to be a keeper for you, do not just tell them: " Sorry, I am not interested in sex. " Tell them " Sorry, I know you want to get intimate but I am not sure that I can reciprocate. I really think sex is out of the question for me. " <br />
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Then again, when you actually do have sex, you may like it more than you realize and you will look back at today and wonder what was wrong with your head.