I only realised I was asexual a few years ago when I turned 18 and moved away to study at university. I'd never had any real experience with sex and found the whole thing awkward. Whenever a sex scene come on in a movie or television show I always felt uncomfortable. I assumed it was because I hadn't sexually matured and I kept waiting for it, waiting for the day when I would wake up and think "yes, I want to have sex!" 
But it never happened. Now I've stopped waiting for it, and accepted the fact that I'm never going to want to have sex or be attracted to men's bodies (or women's for that matter, I considered it) and moved on.

However, am I the only one who has become almost fine-tuned to sexual references? I see them everywhere and it makes me sad, like the whole world is in on this big great secret that is huge and I can never be a part of it. It baffles me how the act of lying with another person can so control people's lives.
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2 Responses Nov 22, 2010

No, I push it away. I am in no way sad about it. I feel free.

WOW!!! I feel where you are comming from... i had a bad experience in a relationship... ( was cheated on ) and now I feel traumatized by sex. I have noticed that everything on tv and public communications has to do in one way or another with sex. I dont know I kinda dont even want to have sex anymore...