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For my profile I put my age in accordance with my soon to be birthday, and more specifically my mental age. I am 15. I am quite positive I am Asexual. Up until the 8th grade I pretended to like boys so my friends would think I was normal and thought people were 'cute'. In 8th grade a met one very interesting person who I befriended and later became romantically interested in. It was the first time and my life I had ever felt anything close to that. My friends often joked with me about it(in a sexual way), but I always had the same thought "That isn't what I want". I soon noticed though that both my guy friends and girl friends all had at least physical attraction to people, but I never feel that way. In "that guy is sooo hot" talks I always feel out of place, same in "that girl is sooo hot" talks. After hearing about Asexuality I couldn't help but feel it fit like a glove. So yes I identify as a Panromantic Asexual.
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Have you talked about your feeling with said person (Just curious) I know exactly how you feel (even though I am a little younger physically, same mentally)

Rebekkah, be grateful that you live in an age where asexuality is an acknowledged phenomenon. Before asexuality was understood to exist, people who feel like you do (the same as I did) were all lumped into the same category of "late bloomers" or "person who hasn't met Mr./Miss Right." At least you will be spared feeling like a freak your whole life because a sense of sexual attraction never became part of your world.