My Story, I Guess

So I am a young teenager, and everyone else in my year has reached the stage where they start to 'like like' others, but not me... When I was younger I was freaked out by sex, the very idea disgusted me, even up to year five, during sex ed in biology I would skip it and go to a drum lesson. I couldn't stand talking about anything to do with it, in fact I still only know the basics (a general idea, what the organs in between the legs are use for, a little, e.t.c) I find I like people, not like 'that' but in a friends way, and was bewildered when people would tease me for 'fancying' someone. Even now I want a relationship, but am only willing to go as far a snuggling and possibly kissing. (Lame, eh?) I was very worried about it all untill one day I found a comic on my Tumblr explaining  asexuality to me, I now know that I am asexual, with slight tendencies to demiromance, this has helped me no end, although when I came out to a few friends in class the just laughed and took the p**s (I'm sure you know the kind of things) I can't count how may times I've been called a plant, but at least I know, eh? All in all learning about myself has really changed my life, and I want to thank AVEN for helping me out, but, yeah, I guess the story continues...
GuessThatMakesMeAPlant GuessThatMakesMeAPlant
May 14, 2012