Looking For People Like Me

IM 22 and IM asexual . I've never been in a serious relationship before I hade have guys try and get close to me but
at the end I don't allow them because I know that at the end they will want a sexual relationship. Trust me it wasn't
that I did not want to I just new that it would not work. Im always hoping to find somebody like me I want somebody to
be in a relationship with somebody that I can call my friend and my love, I want a normal relationship just no sex is
to much to ask .I really haven't told anyone I know I just feel like I don't need to but the only thing I hate is having
people close to me ask me every time they see me if I have a boyfriend my dad is always asking me if im a lesbian and IM
tired of it. Even girls I went to school with most of them have kids already and there always talking about the guy problems
and I just can't relate to them so basically I don't have friends no more im really close to my sister I haven't told her eider
I don't now what she would say she's like the total apposite of me she's sex crazy LOL but I love her . I would love to have
friends like me people that I can relate and they woud understand what I feal . I need friends :)
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22-25, F
4 Responses May 17, 2012

I understand how you feel, I usually can't relate to what most of my friends talk about because it usually involves the topic of sex. It's definitely nice to be a part of the EP community and learn about people with similar experiences :)

I read your story and I can totally relate to your story. I think I am asexual. I don't want a relationship that is solely ba<x>sed on physical attraction. And sometimes I feel lonely because I don't have many friends. I am a virgin and I am not bothered by that. I am bothered by the fact that there is no one to have a platonic relationship. <br />
I used to get depressed about being single, but it has been over two years since I have been depressed. Furthermore, I am okay with being single. And I keep telling people sex is not essential to achieve happiness. <br />
However, we are a social animals and we do need some kind of personal attachments. And I do agree with you that the vast majority of guys would be interested in having sex with a girl. <br />
I think my problem is that I am single and I have grown accustomed to this lifestyle. I don't want to have sex, but I do want to be loved by someone (girl). I am not attracted to guys at all, i.e. I am not gay or bisexual.

I know the feeling. It's hard not being able to relate to your friends' lives and it's exhausting to try and care about things you just don't understand.

Your story is very relatable. If it wasn't for that one little detail, sex, it would all be so much easier.