Okay I am 15 years old (female) and a sophomore. Most all of my friends have been making out and all that for a few years now and some of my friends have had sex. I havent made out with anyone or done anything but a kiss because I have noooo desire to at all. I have no clue if its because Im young and my hormones havent fully developed or what is going on. I havent told anyone this cause i was embarrassed! Please help!
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1 Response Aug 20, 2012

If you haven't hit puberty don't give it too much thought just yet.... But regardless Hon, I'm 19 now. I hit puberty when I was about your age and never developed a sex drive like the people around me. Since then I've given in, I've tried A LOT of things... I've fallen in love twice and the first time I promise was the most wonderful experience ever... Because there was no sex involved for over a year...That's when I was 15. Our relationship stayed so much deeper than sex that even through the breakup, I still love him (more like a brother now) and he will always be my best friend. That kind of relationship and attraction is nothing to be ashamed of. You shouldn't be embarrassed. It won't be easy. Guys will temp you. They will harass you. Be careful who you let yourself be alone with because it CAN be dangerous.... But don't ever be ashamed to say that you're always going to be in love for the companionship, the closeness or who the person is rather than sex. Even when EVERYONE around you can't understand it, it's not a bad thing...