Get A Clue

How men show their ignorance:

"wow, you're sexy; The things I could do to you..."

I'm asexual. I don't really have any use of sex. Sorry.

"You just Haven't been with the right man yet"
"He must not know what he's doing".
"Damn, is it that small?"
"Girl, that's just because you haven't been with me."

So am I the only one who's had to endure these BS lines and arrogant comments from people who don't understand, don't care to and really need to GET A CLUE?

WhatsTheBigDeal WhatsTheBigDeal
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 13, 2012

Those kinds of comments are ignorant. I would compare them in cluelessness to a man who tells a lesbian that sex with him will turn her straight. It's willful ignorance that crosses over the line into offensiveness.