Its All Good, Its All Ok!

I am essentially "straight", but I Love people in general in all there shapes, sizes and forms. There is more to life than sex. It is very liberating to know and experience this. I would love to have a partner I could connect with on an Intellectual/emontional/spiritual level .
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41-45, M
1 Response Sep 24, 2012

Like you I consider myself straight, well mostly. I'm learning to love all people as a student of Buddhism, it's not easy but I know that essentialy we all want the same thing and are all suffering in one way or another. Anyway I digress, I do hope you find a partner who you can connect and spend your life with. I myself am not looking for that, having experienced it a few times and mostly disasterously, I can laugh about it now. I would however enjoy having some like minded friends who I could connect with.