Asexuals: Don't Give Into Your Asexual Urges!

Jezus wants you to make BABIES!
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Can't I just have puppies instead Mr. Jeebus? Where's your imagination people.


lol this was funny though. I want a baby. Without sex.

I totally agree with what noreen10 said. The world is already doing fine population wise and it will continue to populate on it's own. Since you stated that God wants us to make babies, women in general can always have an artificial insemination. Men can adopt.

lol. This was a joke. xD

Yeah, i dont wanna, im athiest, and i dont care what jesus wants
So blehhhhh :p

The planet will populate itself just fine without my help. Planet Earth population is currently 7+ billion. But thanks for caring.

Of course I know it's a joke. But such a dumb one.

Okay. I hope you're feeling better soon. I was humorless, and I apologize. Take care!

You darned asexual people, always not getting up to mischief...

Gotdamn asexuals. I hate you people. So, jealous. *Cries*


Jesus can go... Waitaminute - he never had kids! THAT'S why he wants to make everyone miserable! So he can laugh at us!!

PS I know this is a joke :)

what if I don't want to? JESUS DOESN'T CONTROL MY LIFE

I do


XD we know

You'll never take me! >

Who is ace? Sorry...

Oh yes, I am.

Cool. :D

Thank you. I randomly found it off the internet. I love it! Especially the colors.

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i love how the avatar corresponds to the message xD

There's already too many people on this planet. No.

Oh good. I was getting worried.

But... I dontz wantz to makez dem
The process may be natural, but freaks me out
And children, well I no like them

That too!!
Sex = big no, childrenz = bigger no