I Am Demi-sexual

I have had a series of sexual relationships since I was 15.

The first time I had sex was in a closet with my 18 year old boyfriend. It was extremely painful.
I would not get aroused like I should during sexual encounters and frequently found my mind wandering. I would wonder to myself "when will he be finished so I can go on the computer?"

I ********** on occasion, but never as much as my friends claimed they did. I would only do it once or twice a year and after I would do I would think "that was a waste of time"

In my serious, long term relationships I would have sex with my boyfriends or girlfriends until I would get burnt out of trying to appease them. Most men would get really mad and then cheat on me because I wouldn't "put out" and they thought I hated them or was cheating on them.

I am currently in a relationship where I am having sex, but for the first time ever, I enjoy it. It's still awkward and such, but I never have that bored time anymore. I actually become aroused and wish to be with him.

When I think about trying to have sex with another person, I immediately return to my frustration, boredom and general dislike of sex.
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maybe you're just not good at it

I am not good at it?

I think he's being sarcastic.