Sexually Confused And Angry At The World

I'm male and sexually active at a university in the UK. I used to think I was gay, I joined the uni LGBT, where I've slept with three of the male members. I was unable to get an erection in those experiences. I've slept with seven other men, strangers I've pulled. Again no erection. I did pull a woman, who I managed to get erect for, I doubt I was very good for her but that's not why I'm posting.

Before I came out, I was incredibly angry at the world. I used to live in an entirely heterosexual world, blamed that on my anger. I'm only ever content when I've drunk quite a lot of alcohol, I guess it's an escape from the question in my head that keeps on going "What sexuality are you?" not knowing makes me so unhappy. If I had a name for what I am, I think I'd feel somewhat better. I guess there is nothing anyone can suggest for finding out my orientation, but if anyone has insights I'd like to read them.

I feel very alone, some of the anger steams from that I'm sure. I do not connect with people when I try and be open with my orientation. Some people have said they think I'm lying to them, to try to be somewhat closeted still as a gay man, groups of people seem to drift away from me. Naturally so I'd assume since I'm so confused.

Maybe this is too much information, maybe it is helpful. I usually get off on gay **** and fantasize about men.
AlexJameson AlexJameson
18-21, M
Nov 29, 2012