Weird And Awesome

I have only recently discovered this movement in the world. I had heard of asexual in terms of biology, like how bacteria and other single celled organisms reproduce. For a bi-sexual species this seems a very strange concept, but somehow it seems to fit us ^_^

I, like so many, thought there was something wrong with me, and in a sense there is. I'm not interested in having sex. This does not mean I am not sexually attracted to women, and I am most definitely not gay, but the... urge, maybe instinct, is just not there. Naturally this has had a negative impact on my relationships, naturally she'd think I didn't find her attractive, or I was impotent or something. It's nice to finally put a name to the issue.

I used to, and maybe still do, think that my guy friends as well as most males, who always talk about girls and sex were just putting on a show or following the trend. I actually thought it was all just an act so ingrained that it was natural and everyone actually felt like I did, save that I did bother trying to deny it with needless displays. My arrogance and ignorance on this matter has ebbed somewhat.

It seems I am the strange one. A piece to a puzzle placed in the wrong box. I've had plenty of girlfriends, but they all tended to be on the gal pal side of things. I'd enjoy their company, but when things steer toward sex, I simply close up and want nothing to do with it. I tried forcing myself, but that doesn't work. It's just not natural, it's not part of who I am. I always thought this would blow over and I'd "grow up" but I'm 25 and I'm still me.

And I like me ^_^ I'm pretty awesome.

Asexual and Proud.
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Good for you it took me a long time to accept who I am. All power to you :)

I can relate. I came out as Bi around 15 and always had an emotional connection to both sexes. I love cuddling and all that. I even get turned on by different things. But like you every time I've tried anything sexual with someone else I've just found it disgusting, awkward or literally *could not* picture myself doing anything.

True that, our numbers are growing