Asexual Lesbian

I know there are plenty of asexual lesbians. But they are not visible in today's society.
I work for the Human Rights Campaign. I have been an out lesbian for a few years, but I have told no one I'm asexual. I find it interesting that I could be fired in 34 states if I were a lesbian, but no one would fire me if I were asexual. The work I do for the HRC ensures that LGBT individuals across the country are gaining more rights. But I'm not even out to my coworkers. The fight for LGBT rights seems to be focused on sexuality. So what if it's absent? I would love to marry a woman and start a family. But I don't desire sex. In today's society I can start a family without sex. But for some reason, people don't even recognize and asexual persona. I fight for equality at my organization. HRC has ****** up a few times, particularly with trans people. But we are getting better. We are evolving. But I have never heard someone talk about asexuality there. I just want to know that I'm not alone.
Thank you.
Sam Marie
samma2900 samma2900
1 Response Dec 8, 2012

no u r nt alone, iam an asexual lesbian 2 :) and nw iam happy that iam nt alone :D