Its Nothing New

Im obviously Asexual. sex doesnt interest me, kissing and hugging and making out...ok fine, but sex I feel like a total weirdo for saying this but Im not sexually attracted to anyone, not guys not girls, and the funny thing in this, is im married, i feel nothing, im never interested. idk but i think ive always been this way, i like affection and i can be affectionate too, but i dont feel any sexual attraction. i like guys, and guys do attract me, but sexually no. im not disgusted by it, but im not turned on by it either, i just feel indifferent. I dont like to draw attention to myself, i try to be careful how I dress, because i dont want to send the wrong message to some guys it has happend in the past, no matter if im showing skin or covered up everywhere, im always mis-interpreted. i prefer a more gender neutral appearance. i like to dress up, but only to a certain extent, i would rather not wear makeup, or frilly clothes with lace. i feel safer and more comfortable dressed simple.
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2 Responses Dec 29, 2012

Wait, so why did get married? Was it before you realized all of this? So, you don't have much of a sex life?

it's too complicated. before I got married I knew I liked guys but just didn't like sex. I grew up being sexually harassed by older males regularly, it made me feel scared, i seen and heard alot about sex too soon, so much it doesn't phase me to this day. I don't like to talk about what goes on between me and my husband, but I look at it more of a chore and a performance.

Sounds like you know yourself and are making logical choices.