A Poem...


It's past midnight; the witching hours
softly creep through the darkness.
Music muffles out of an open doorway,
shadows thump as hearts beat.
Seeing fluid bodies merge in time
I'm the wrong piece in an incomplete jigsaw,
watching chargeless as giggling electrons
attract and repel, weave an
intricate dance amongst pulsing protons.
Chemistry was never my best subject,
much less the murky peripheries
where chemistry meets biology,
the hormonal collision of chemical bonding
with fusion and reproduction.
Walking home, constellations map the sky.
The moon cycles its rhythmical shifts.
There's safety in physics, cause and effect,
bound in formulae, logic and reason.
Luna137 Luna137
26-30, F
2 Responses Jan 5, 2013

Awesome! I am also a Biaromantic Asexual Poet! My name is 55cabgirl btw

I'm aromantic asexual, which is a bit ironic for a writer!

Why do you say that? I write on just about any and everything that will and can inspire me. Writing has always been my way of escape besides music

This is fantastic. :)

Thank you. Poetry isn't my strong point usually but kind of worked here :)