This Makes Sense!

I think the term asexual is best to describe me. Growing up I was never interested in sex. As I get older its hard because I come from a religious family. My mom has been bugging me about grand-kids. The only thing that interest me is to get a place and live by myself. The idea of a husband always challenges me because I know I have to do something I am not that interested in.

I am thankful for this group because I never knew there were people like this our there.

I am 22 years, so I am ready to enjoy life. As long as I have a small network of true friends, I will be fine.

I think all asexual should have a network of friends. Especially people who will not force you to doing anything uncomfortable.

That's it for now :)
LuvinGospel LuvinGospel
Jan 7, 2013