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When I was a little kid, everyone around my age somewhat knew about sex already. I wanted to fit in so I pretended that I had a crush every once in a while. The truth is, I have never had romantic feelings for any other human being. As I got older and entered High School, I figured maybe it was because I didn't have a sexual preference and that maybe I liked them both or just haven't run into anybody that I thought looked "hot" yet in real life. I *********** but it felt almost like eating something that tastes really good to you even though you've had your fill already...just for the taste. I'm someone who knows a lot about nature and science and never realized there was even the slightest possibility I or any other human could be Asexual. One day I was with my friend (around the end of last month actually) we were joking around and I said something about being a plant and reproducing that way (I remembered that Asexual is a term used for that sort of thing). I've been called, and have called myself asexual ever since then just about everyday until I looked up the word online and realized that it was actually possible. I couldn't believe it at first and thought of it as a hoax, but as I read what people said about it and what it was mainly "about" everything started to add up. Questions began to answer themselves; Why I've never gotten a sexual partner, why I've never been attracted to a person, why I distanced myself from the act of "sex" (what I mean by this is that I know sex exists and I know others do it but I can't see myself doing it). I am glad that there is an explanation for "what" I am now and I am relieved to know that there's not something wrong with me (other than other unrelated things).
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From first part of the story until before you talked about the plant thing, was also me! Right now, I'm really thinking if I'm asexual or not...well, I actually I've thought about this since around 2 years ago.