Sapioromantic, Homoromantic Asexual

Not everyone fully understands the psychology behind asexuality. Every individuals preference will differ, but the concept of no sexual attraction is difficult for many to comprehend.
No matter, because if given the choice I likely wouldn't choose to experience sexual desire. I've found that the majority of legitimate asexuals are intellectuals; leading me to question the correlation between intellect and lifestyle.

Anyway, I personally desire a romantic companionship with a woman... But it seems im somewhat alone. I've tried being in a relationship with a sexual person who loved and worshipped me, and my disinterest in sex is what got in the way of a potentially wonderful relationship. Im not dwelling on the fact, but I wonder if ill find a kindred spirit.
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Correlation between intellect and sexual attraction may be because people of higher intellect are more likely to look things like asexuality up online. As in, there are just as many(few) asexuals who are not intellectual but they do not know what asexuality is and therefore do not identify as such, if that makes sense.

lol correlation between intellect and lifestyle. Reminded me of the big bang theory show. I would also rather not have sexual attraction. I've noticed people do stupid things when they are sexually attracted to another person. I would rather be clear headed and logical about every choice I make.

It is said that there is a link between low IQ and high sex-drive. If that is true, the opposite should also then be true; that people of high IQ are generally less interested in sex. I also felt like that for a long time, but it changes when you have sex with someone you truly love. Because then you are drawn to the love and passion of the sex, instead of the physical sex.

Romantic attraction to intelligence and its use. I desire an intellectual connection above all else