I Am Asexual

I have been used and abused most of my life, I am currently in a long term relationship of 20 years. Most of this time I have 'given in' to my partners sexual demands. We used to have arguments about sex all the time and made to feel guilty because I didn't want sex at all.

In the end I removed the one thing that caused all the arguments, sex, and even though he did not like the idea, I told him that this is how it's going to be, I said he had a choice in life the same as me, he could either stay or go.

I love this man to bits, and for 11 years there has been no sex, kisses and cuddles yes but nothing further than this.

I have had counselling for the abuse and have seen a sex counselor, after talking to her, I came to realise that this is who I am and I am so happy and at ease with myself.

I thought that something was wrong with me, but I came to the conclusion that I am perfectly normal.

I am new to the group and I did not know there were groups like this. Brilliant.
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If you could what advice would be to a young woman facing the asexual topic?