I'm An Panromantic Asexual

I've been pretty much this way forever. I don't want sex. It's not that i think its gross, or scary. I just don't desire it. I don't feel i need it. I'm also panromantic. A lot of the time people ask me how im both. Well its because I want, a romantic conection. But I don't want sex. I just like the emotional conection. I'm also 13, which makes it hard, because people are always judging me. Saying oh you don't know this. And that ****. Well Sorry that I'm not a horny bastard, that's always trying to get some like you. Lol. I just don't really want it. I'm not saying that I'll never have sex though. I mean, I probably will because I know not everyone is like me. And some people do like that physical attraction. I just don't, that's all.
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Yeah, you're lucky to figure it out at 13.

N wish I knew of that term at your age, I'm also PanRomantic and Trans* but I have had experiences that make me wonder what acts = sex. It is great to have an idea of who you are at such a young age but don't let having a label limit your future expierence.

Well, good for you :) Others may judge you or think differently about asexuality but that's usually because they don't fully understand its meaning. Stick to what you believe in and you'll find that special someone someday who will understand that, too :)

You're so young, I didn't have a desire for sex at your age, you're normal. Just don't out a label on yourself till you mature more, you might grow into sexual desire.


I disagree; I knew when I was 5 that I didn't want to get married--that was before I knew what sex was. At 13, I knew I wasn't interested in sex, but I figured that I was a late-bloomer. I didn't figure out "asexual" until I was about 20.

Labeling yourself asexual at 13 is not a permanent thing. She doesn't want sex now; that means she is asexual. Perhaps in five years, ten years, or thirty years that will change. It probably won't. But why does that matter for deciding what term to use now? Most people know their own sexual orientation quite a bit earlier than 13, though, if they're asexual, they may not know that there's a name for it. By identifying as asexual, this girl is doing herself a favor--she's saving herself the heartbreak of an incompatible relationship, something that many asexuals have had to go through.