Yes, Indeed, I Am.

I've known I was different for most of my life. Now I know I'm different, but not completely. There are people out there in this world that feel the same way that I do and I think it's awesome. I think the moment you find out that you're not the only one there's a sense of relief and a sense of belonging. Being "normal" isn't important anymore; not as important as being true to yourself and being happy. My only wish is that I discovered it sooner in my life as it could have spared me a ton of grief.

I've already shared my story on another site, and I don't really care to write it all over again here. But I will just say that I identify as a hetero-romantic asexual.

And I'll share the knowledge by sharing the link to AVEN:

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please add me in ur circle......i am pet name is ticklearun..........I LOVE TICKLE & YOGURT .........Do u like my favo's.............can u answer for my tickle questions......

1, R u ticklish?

Omg! Yeah!


A little bit

Not at all I wouldnt laugh or crack a smile

2 Do u like to be tickled

I don't mind it

Its ok

Yes!!!!! I love it!!!!!

Ugh! I hate it!

3 Where r u ticklish

Please select all that apply.







Im not ticklish

4 If someone starts tickling u whats ur reaction

Scream and laugh and flail arms

Scream and laugh

Pee ur pants


Punch that person

Giggle slighty

No reaction

5 If someone starts tickling ur feet what do u do

Scream and laugh like a maniac

Laugh loudly

Beg them to stop

start tickling them to see how it feels

Slap them


No reaction

6 If u started tickling a nonticklish person how would you get them to laugh?

Start massivly tickling them all over

Try using feathers

sneak attack them and start tickling them

I am nonticklish too and there isnt anything u can do about it

7 How long would you last before laughing

I would start laughing even before starting

0-10 seconds

1minute-30 minutes



8 Do you think nonticklish people are boring

No. I want to be one I HATE being ticklish


Yeeeeeah! Soooo boring!

I am nonticklish and Im not boring

9 Do u ever with u were a nonticklish person

YESSS! I wanna be one but I dont know how

It depends.

Not really. I like being tickled. Yeah I know, I'm weird.

I am already not ticklish

10 If someone said they're going to ticke u whats ur reaction

Scream and hide

Beg them to not tickle u

Let them tickle u

Let them tickle u, ur not ticklish.

11 Have u ever said "Im not ticklish" to get out of being tickled

Yess! All the time!

Yep, but it never works


Yes, and people dont believe me. and then they tickle me and there is no laughing or smiling

They should be jealous! We have cake!<br />
<br />
But, seriously, there's nothing to be jealous of. We have the same struggles (if not more) as any other orientation. The biggest problem is that most people think we don't exist.

i also try keep my sexual side off the ep.<br />
<br />
though i try to be here as true as i can in other areas.<br />
<br />
i think many people are jealous of you, life should be much easier this way.<br />
<br />
i tend to gain it through my life.

Nah. That story is too personal for me to share on EP. But the basics is just how I spent most of my life making excuses and then eventually settling on the idea that I was "broken" and everyone else in the world was normal except for me. Then I found AVEN and now I feel a lot better about myself and who I am and no one can take that away from me =)

why won't you post the link here?