What Are the Feelings of An Asexual

asexuality is not a disease but still we hide it , mostly cause people would not understand it . i am 40 and single , for me that is not a strange thing but for people that is odd , their first question is WHY not married . like if i need a reason , or have to explain to each one reasons , am i on a trial? asexual people have more passion to partners and life than heterosexual cause for us lov is not a physical thing but it is a platonic passion we have to each other .

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agree hundred percent!

It's that single phrase that is that hardest to understand - platonic passion. To a hetero or homo sexual person that phrase does not compute. I didn't understand it for the longest time. Sexual expression is so incredibly powerful from a physical and mental standpoint that I could not believe that there would be people who would have no desire (or no ability to desire) to experience that. I've learned a lot just by reading about the experiences and feelings of many asexual people here on EP and I'm glad to have a better understanding. We are all people and we just want to be respected for who and what we are. That's not always easy when people are unable to talk about these things in the open without fear. I am grateful the internet has made this knowledge possible.

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very well elucidated