If you’re asexual and wanna have sex, you’re awesome

If you’re asexual and don’t care about sex, you’re awesome

If you never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER wanna have sex at all, you’re awesome

Don’t ever let anyone throw any of you under the bus
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OK u said u r open to questions! I don't understand about being asexual and wanting to have sex, I thought those were opposites! Can ya explain please?

I know it's a lot to read, but I hope this gives you some clarity on the subject.

Asexuality is a spectrum like any other sexual orientation. There are asexuals, demisexuals (which I mostly identify as), and gray-asexuals.

Asexuals do not experience sexual attraction and/or directed sexual desire, meaning that they do not feel an involuntary desire to have partnered sex with other human beings for their own pleasure. They don’t have involuntary sexual thoughts and feelings about other people based on looks, personality, or any other quality.

Demisexuals can experience sexual attraction and desire for others but only after they’ve developed an emotional connection or attachment to someone, whether that attachment is romantic or nonromantic. Demisexuals are basically asexual until and unless they meet someone, get close to them, feel connected to them emotionally, and then at some point start to feel sexual attraction/desire for that person. They don’t experience sexual attraction/desire to strangers, celebrities, acquaintances, blind dates, people they think are good-looking but don’t know or don’t have any emotional connection to.

Gray-asexuals come in a variety of types: some gray-a’s rarely experience sexual attraction, some gray-a’s experience sexual attraction regularly or semi-regularly but rarely or never feel the desire to follow through and engage in partnered sex, some gray-a’s experience sexual attraction infrequently and are sex-repulsed, some gray-a’s can only experience sexual attraction to a partner during a kink session, some gray-a’s experience sexual attraction regularly but have no libido, some gray-a’s experience sexual attraction but don’t actually care about having sex enough to bother and are perfectly content to be celibate.

This is really clear, thank you! AND you are totally fascinating :)

Awww, thank you, dear.