The sexual world often falls into the terrible habit of equating passion and sensuality with sex, and in that same vein, identifying people as more or less passionate, more or less sensual, based on how sexual they are.

Passion is primarily about emotion. It’s about desire. It is not exclusively a euphemism or synonym for sex and sexual desire. Sex is one form of passion. Some sex is passionate, and some sex isn’t. Some people are passionate about sex, and some people aren’t. Equating sex and passion goes back to the word “frigid” as a demeaning label for sexually disinterested people, and it’s time that this way of speaking and thinking stop because it’s not only linguistically false and lazy, it’s also completely disrespectful toward asexuals, nonlibidoists, and celibates.

Asexuals have the same capacity for emotion and desire as sexual people. Even a nonlibidoist sex-repulsed asexual can be a passionate person because they are an emotional person. Human desire is unlimited, and lacking a desire for sex doesn’t take away the multitude of other desires a person feels. We can feel intense desire for love, for people, for experiences, just as easily as sexual people. We can feel passionately loving. We can feel passionate about people, about art, about our professions, about politics, religion, philosophy, food, fashion, anything.

Ask the friends who have known me since childhood to describe me in three words and I guarantee that they’ll all list “passionate” among their descriptors. I’m an asexual person who is deeply passionate in love, passionate about writing, passionate about my beliefs.
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A person who is asexual can even be sexual actually, but it usually takes their passion in some other to drive it, and when that other person isn't in the situation, then they are again -- not sexual. It's like being a lady in the streets and a **** between the sheets. That passion for the one person pulls things out at the right times, but in the broader world there appears to be nothing.

Please be careful of how you use the word "****". I don't tolerate ****-shaming.

Not intending to...

Thank you.