Thats 'liking' Only On...

Thats 'liking' only one sex right? if so yes...
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Asexual is a sexual orentation where you don't feel sexual attraction to anyone same asexuals feel romantic attraction but don't want sex others don't want any relationship that is "more then friendship"

"Like a plant, it can reproduce without sex." <br />
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Okay, it's tangential, but I see this all the time and I'd like to point out that plants do reproduce sexually ... pollen is analogous to ***** and there is an egg in the base of flowers/cones. Many plants can also reproduce asexually as well - through root suckers/la<x>yers/offshoots, etc. However, the whole process of making a seed is in fact sexual.<br />
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In terms of people, asexuals are not sexually attracted to either men or women. Find more information at

My bad! i knew that! i guess i got confused. jeez im not an amoeba or anything!

Lol, no asexual means you reproduce on your own. Like a plant, it can reproduce without sex. Some also use the term as not interested in sex. So no you are not asexual, lol. Or maybe you are, I don't know you so could be but I doubt it. You are still young, it not that big of a thing to be a "should know".