I don't currently want a sexual/romantic relationship

I am attracted to guys sometimes, but I just don't have sexual appetites right now.  But also, I'm getting over depression, and I have an eating disorder, home stress, and am in college.  I just don't have room in my life right now for a relationship.  If I talk to a guy, it's because I like them as a friend, not because I'm attracted to them.

Oh, btw, I love having friends of both sexes.  Girls are so complicated and guys are so simple, and they are both so cool.

blueglass blueglass 18-21, F 2 Responses Jul 6, 2009

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I more or less keep to myself, but it's not as bad as it seems. I'm not antisocial at ALL. I'm just not a wild party-animal. I think my lack of sexual feelings and desires causes me to treat girls and boys equally, so I don't "feel" anything when I'm around guys (or girls). It's kind of an oops situation if I give off the wrong signal, but that hasn't happened but once or twice. I like to have a few close girl friends and a few close guy friends, and several semi-close friendships of both genders as well, but no sexual relationships. Does that answer your question? I'm sorry if this was unclear.

I totally agree with you on that last part!- thats what makes it all so interesting.

Reading your post makes me think of how sexuality seems like it comes and goes and changes. Like there DEFINITELY seems to be phases in my life- depending on what I was going through at the time, my circumstances, settings etc.

I wish you strength in getting over your eating disorder. Is it a recent issue for you?

And also, was just curious: how is your current asexual phase affecting your experience of college?