I don't currently want a sexual/romantic relationship

I am attracted to guys sometimes, but I just don't have sexual appetites right now.  But also, I'm getting over depression, and I have an eating disorder, home stress, and am in college.  I just don't have room in my life right now for a relationship.  If I talk to a guy, it's because I like them as a friend, not because I'm attracted to them.

Oh, btw, I love having friends of both sexes.  Girls are so complicated and guys are so simple, and they are both so cool.

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I more or less keep to myself, but it's not as bad as it seems. I'm not antisocial at ALL. I'm just not a wild party-animal. I think my lack of sexual feelings and desires causes me to treat girls and boys equally, so I don't "feel" anything when I'm around guys (or girls). It's kind of an oops situation if I give off the wrong signal, but that hasn't happened but once or twice. I like to have a few close girl friends and a few close guy friends, and several semi-close friendships of both genders as well, but no sexual relationships. Does that answer your question? I'm sorry if this was unclear.

I totally agree with you on that last part!- thats what makes it all so interesting.<br />
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Reading your post makes me think of how sexuality seems like it comes and goes and changes. Like there DEFINITELY seems to be phases in my life- depending on what I was going through at the time, my circumstances, settings etc.<br />
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I wish you strength in getting over your eating disorder. Is it a recent issue for you?<br />
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And also, was just curious: how is your current asexual phase affecting your experience of college?