Friendly Hostility's to Blame...

I didn't really realize asexuality was an option in terms of sexuality until I was on wikipedia looking up sexualities and such and stumbled on it. I was pretty pleased, because it clicked and it meant my 5-year-old attitude of "[gender] has cooties!" towards dating and sex wasn't totally unheard of and was allowed. Till then I'd spent the time since I was, maybe, 10 trying to figure out why anyone wanted to have sex, and then thinking there was something wrong for not wanting to go farther than hugs. Which I love, hugs are awesome. Or, were until guys started making lewd comments and girls started calling me gay. Beautiful world, this... >_< Though, I gotta admit, I first thought about it when reading Friendly Hostility and Fox said Colin was asexual.
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I love hugs and cuddling as well. It's like my "threshold" has simply been shifted considerably to the more PG end of the scale. Spooning to me is as powerful as sex would be for a sexual individual.

Nothing wrong with being Asexual it is just that we live in a gender binary world. 2+2=4 but so can 3+1=4 although you don't hear it referenced that way. Fact is, Asexual people exist and much to the chagrin of others this is a fact, just like 3+1=4 it is just another variable in the long equation of life. Many methods but in the end the same answer.---We are all people, all kinds.

Actually Colin was identified as asexual in Boy meets boy, and later on in Friendly hostility Colin realized that he was actually gay. I liked their relationship better in BMB, maybe because asexualism seemed liked an option and didn't prevent Colin from forming a relationship with his best friend.

I have to admit I didn't know what that was until I just read your story - I have loked it up in wikipedia. I have learnt something new today, thank you :)