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I have never been on a date never kissed and yes still a virgin. At times I feel depressed about it but then I also just feel content other times. When I think about what sex might be like I just don't see myself ever doing it with anyone ever. Am I asexual possibly but with everyone around me contantly wondering why I am alone what am I suppose to do. I want a relationship but do I have to have sex? I wish things where easier but it maybe im asexual or someone made me afraid of being touched. The though of someone close to be sometimes pops into my head but then I just say NO! never happening.

What am I? I don't even know.

Natemares Natemares
31-35, M
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well, speaking on behalf of my self, during times in my life when I have been extremely depressed, i can go days, weeks, months, years...without a sexual thought even crossing my mind. you could be just "numb"...if you get what I'm saying. A depressed person does not function properly, or even think straight enough to pass a fifth grade test. I can come home from work and go to sleep at 8 at night and still manage to over sleep and sleep twelve hours...your body is truly as sick as you feel mentally. when you have ur first relationship or fall in love, i'm sure a thought of sex will enter ur mind. and if it doesn't, that's ok...who says we all gotta be stereotypical 21st century beings and be addicted to sex?

I know you wrote this a year ago, but in case you are still accepting comments... please understand that relationships are complex and fulfilling on multiple levels. If you are not interested in sex, then you are not interested in sex. So, don't have a sexual relationship. No biggie. I know from personal experience that you can have intimate and fulfilling relationships with people of both genders without needing any kind of sexual connection. It's all about tapping into who you are and connecting it would who someone else is.

@miles2662: Wow, just wow! no comment.<br />
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@Natemares: I know why you don't have a girlfriend... <br />
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2 Quick Questions: <br />
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1. Do you have a male friend?<br />
2. Do you have a female friend?<br />
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Tell me your answers.

Maybe you just have a fear or phobia?

Do you like boys or girls best?

That's cool They are other just like you search the net for Asexual groups. Sex is only cool if that is what you want if you don't want it that cool to can't miss what you never had and you had it and didn't like it be proud of who you are and what you stand for Just do you and be you! much love to you :p