Mistreated By the System

Over the past 31 years i have been mistreated by the system as i am disabled with a bad back. when i tryed to get help like ssi i was told i cannot get it as i am a baby boomer and being so i am better off dead as it has caused alot of problems as for the things i had to do just to live in doing so made my telephone 940-549-2461 a deadly number if i lost it and some one gets it. i am sure some one has it now and there life is in danger as to do what i had to do just to live becouse i cannot get ssi or any kind of income at all being disabled in america . becouse of this coused me to be in jail and in north texas state hospital as it comes to be i will never have an income or my telephone back 940-549-2461 so i am better off dead as to live the way i have to and i am ashamed of america for the way it has gone for me couseing serious problems.

wetlookh2o wetlookh2o
Feb 20, 2009