A Feel Of Ashame

" it was a very common day as we all have, but i was never knew to what special is going to happen wid me today.. actually my personality development classes are goin on these days in engineering..so in dat very class i got topic- simplicity is the best policy..although being a simple person i knew how many negative sides it hav..but i hav to be in favour of dat.. i came in front of my class.. being an introward person for me it was like dat dey all are goin to eat me up.. and all dat made me to think about my own belongings,my stuff like my shirt, my height, my way of walking and speaking.. i did gave a good start to that topic but wont make it to give worthy ending..huh! not even the mid...just said 2-3 lines...and started to stagger.. i felt ashamed on myself at dat vry moment.. i felt like i was left out and dat was to hard for me.. but wat i realised was dat i bit of shyness has been overcomed by my confidence..but still hav to work hard..want to proove myself..even nw also if someone wud give me an extempore.. may b my reaction wud be the same as earliar one but atleast it wud not hurt me like the same..

that day i cried all alone wid my earphones, wen i came to hstl.. but later i realised that, that was all nut,,so i came to a conclusion that " it doesn't wat people think about u, all matters is wat u think about urself.."..hmm..i may not goin to follow that..but wud try atleast and want u to do same in ur life.."
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Jul 28, 2010