I Didn't Pass My Test To Move On...

In April, I took my state-wide test to see if I can move up to the next level. I missed it by 9 points. Now, I have to go to summer school. 
I have never in my life failed any state wide test. 
I am so ashamed of myself. 
lam22 lam22
2 Responses May 22, 2012

Don't get put down so easily, it's good to be ashamed it's another thing to not care about it. If you really want whatever you want to get, you'll just have to try again and again and eventually you'll get there. We might not be as great as others when it comes to taking tests but those tests don't care what we are going through.

it's good to feel ashamed, it will push you to do better. <br />
Keep trying. You will quickly surpass those who did pass.<br />
In the long run, hard work triumphs over natural born talent any day.