I Broke My Family's Trust.

So, about a week ago i lost my job. Boo-hoo right? not a big deal people lose their jobs all the time right? well this bullshit just made me **** everything up.

The next day after i was canned in a truck with my friend just cruising down the highway having a good day, perfect day actually, until i closed his door and dented his door. Fml, right? not even the best part. I go out the next night and spend all of my money. ALL OF IT. not knowing that would be the most STUPIDEST idea of the month.

Anyways- I get home that night and my mother is just Furious because my friend called saying the dent in the door was going to cost me 500$... what? So there I am Broke, Frustrated & Pissed right off.

Now for any other person this might be a Messy situation but for a person with Manic Bipolar? Nope. It sent me on a 4 day trip to Ashamed Myself, a quick stop at Breaking my Mother & My boyfriends Trust, and then a end stop at ****** over town. Anyways.

after that i started getting really frazzled and confused on what to do- When i get stressed like this or angry I smoke dope kay? it helps me calm down and think clearly. problem was, Had none. Smoked my last joint when i blew all my money not thinking about the consequences I ended up going into a fit and going through my moms room and stealing the last of hers. which i was going to replace somehow.. That days she caught me and flipped a ***** (don't even blame her a bit) She told my boyfriend which pissed him right off and he didn't talk to me for the rest of the night.

Well anyways the day that i have to come up with the money is now. So what happens? My boyfriend spends all his paycheck to pay off this debt, and is now even MORE pissed off with me. (understandable)

My mom is on the verge of losing her trailer because me me. My Boyfriend is ready to leave a 5 year relationship, Cause of me. And all of my family is 'disappointed' aka. Pissed right the **** off with me.

Could my life get any better, Probably not.

I'm so ashamed,pissed off,disappointed,embarrassed of myself.
EllaKD EllaKD
18-21, F
Nov 30, 2012