Misplaced Priorities

 I'm ashamed because people's priorities are so screwed up.  Only in crises do we get it right.  Otherwise, we place importance on crap that doesn't really matter.  Like my FMIL who prioritizes her self-proclaimed right to hang out with her friends (who we can't afford to invite) at our wedding more than her own son, more than the sheer fact of being there with him on this important day.  Or a friend who cares more about his self-proclaimed right to be lazy than the fact that his mess almost resulted in the death of a pet.  What the hell is the matter with people???  Ugh!

NYCgirl6 NYCgirl6
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3 Responses Dec 9, 2009

i know... i wish people who have more compassion for one another-- or at least try more times than none. the world would be a much better place.

Yes I hear you unfortunately .. this type of self centerdness is more and more prevelant in people in general .. the" me first attitude" reigns supreme and everything and anyone comes second *sighs* yes Ugh is right!!

they are selfish and self centred , not to mention ignorant of how their actions, or inactions will , one day reverberate.