Satirical Brilliance: Stupid Americans

"....A common tendency of a redneck is to use the question "Say what now?". This phrase/question telling you to say what, now is straining to the mind of most intelligent people. Telling another person to do so isn't asking that other person to repeat themselves or clarify, just to say "what". Why rednecks think this advances the conversation, is yet to be understood...."

"....the US fertility rate is expected to reach Over 9000 within the next century. Remember, there is an inverse relationship between fertility rate and intelligence. But you already knew that. Unless you're American. A stupid American."


TylerDurdenEsq TylerDurdenEsq
1 Response Mar 11, 2013

You have a sad and dark humor I may be a redneck sir or mam but don't call me stupid or anyone else cause you do not know what they are going through right now in America. So I'll tell you this yes I am an American sometimes I like it other times I am ashamed of the USA. But you know what say what you want to you have freedom don't you. Because I won't care neither will the other people that are offended by this. Why because I got a life to live and you and your prejudice against a redneck will not stop me but make me stronger. And not every American is a redneck. Grow up and may god bless your soul cause you will need it.