The American Way

what does tackling your fellow american on black friday so jimmie can get an x-box have to do with being american and another thing that drives me nuts is all this fake we support our troops bullshit if that were true then why are they homeless when they return home from overseas another thing that drives me nuts is fake patroitism last time i checked having the biggest flat screen tv has nothing to do with being proud of being and american
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2 Responses Nov 28, 2012

Right on about it being wrong for veterans to come back and be jobless and homeless. Sometimes, butnot always, the vets (I am one) miss the chance to be made whole because they don't take advantage of the services available. Right now jobs are scarce, so vets do the best by taking advantage of the education funds available. That's one of the things that makes going in a good investment of time.

Still, we need a good system of veteran's preferences in employment. We need better support for veteran entrepeneurs. And we need WAY better services for dealing with PTSD and related hardships caused by being sent into harm's way.

Sometimes we forget that freedom isn't free, in the state, or as swingerpair mentions, in the UK. Too bad someone has to stand up to the Muslim extremists, but I have a feeling you ladies would not like dressing as do the women of Saudi Arabia and many other Arab countries. Imagine wearing a Burka in that heat.

Don't worry, it's the same in the U.K. Five marines we're arrested for murder for shooting a Taliban insurgent. And our brave boys and girls are **** on too when they leave the Forces! It's not an American thing, our Government is full of arseholes too!