Just The Basics..i Think

I am half Korean. I was born and raised in America. My dad and his parents were from South korea. I am proud to be who I am. But racism exists EVERYWHERE. You think that people would have enough heart to see past what we look like and look deeper down but no. People are ignorant. That's alright. I shrug it off. I've got friends. But I also have a brotther and sister who don't know how to stand up for themselves. It worries me everyday because I know that they do get bullied sometimes but they won't tell me who and when. Nobody messes with my siblings. I take after my dad in the way that when somebody says something it's all or nothing. You MAKE them stop. But, my brother and sister can't fight, talk trash, stand up for themselves, or anything that would quit the teasing. I hate it. People are so insensitive. I don't care what YOU look like, believe in, eat, or how your live. So why do you?? Well guess what. You go to "our" countries we: are more active, have better grades, are more advanced technologically, and are flat out different. Funny how half of "us" are born and raised in America. Some people talk like any asian person is different. They givve asians names and say stuff like "you and them", and talk like we are different. And we are in a way, but when it all comes down to it. We are all human. But away from the negativity... Don't get me wrong. I am an American resident. I love that. I love that I don't live in poverty. I love America. But almost more I love what I know about Korea. The cooking. The style. The schooling. The technology. Everything.


XD I am proud to be half of anything. That's what makes me unique. <3 :)
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Jul 11, 2011