I Am Asian Dating a White Guy

I am asian and I'm dating this white guy.  He's really good to me and I love him with all my heart.  But, how do you guys feel about interacial relationships?  I grew up in a small town in Central california.  Where there are not a lot of asians.  So, I'm bascially use to seeing other asians with other races.  But, it's really rare for me to see them here in Southern california.  But, I know a lot of people still don't accept that yet.  But, I think if you're happy that's all that should matter.

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I see more asian women with white men than any other race

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I think its great I am personally dating an Asian and am completely in love with her shes the best thing to ever hapen to me

If 2 people are happy with each other, then go for it.

Isn't like more than a half of Asian girls in the US dating/married to whites anyway? Asian women in general seem to love white guys

I would agree. About half my Asian girl friends are dating white guys.

time would tell

hi asian plz help me in my love... my lyf got mess up plzzzz... i beg u plz help me

I know a number of non-asian guys who are married to asian girls...it is working great for them. I go to Asia a lot and see a lot of Asian and other races together.

Sometimes they get looks, but if you love the person then you should go for it. The more interracial couples there are, the better everyone gets to know each other: Less fighting, more understanding, and more love. It makes for a better planet.

I come from an asian family, and they, especially my dad, are really against me dating/marrying/seeing white guys. He sees them as deceitful and not loyal, and don't base marriage on love.. To me, I see no differences in them. Sometimes I like white people even more than my own. I've grew up, and still am, in an enviroment with almost only white people, and I must say, I love them. They are truly so open and chill, yet professional. So my bottom line is: date whoever makes you happy!

Yea they care, I met a woman online.....we hit it off great.....no pictures were sent for the first few weeks, I had posted an ad online and I did say I was a black male, she must of overlooked that part and she was Asian..... we exchanged pictures and she said OH, I didnt know you were black.....

lol It was funny because once she knew I was black, it was like all the stuff we chatted about talked about, and talked about going to movies etc... no sex talk or anything, just platonic, getting to know each other..... it all didnt matter because of my skin color.... even though my ad said I was black..... lol

it is what it is... I wasn't made, thought it was ridiculous, but thats the stigma that some people have....

Most Asians don't like blacks

I can appreciate all of the reassurances that interracial dating isn't a problem in this day and age, since I myself had heard a lot of rigid dating rules coming from ethinic parents in America, including my own, when I was a pre-teenager.

I'm glad to see that heterosexuals are enjoying the freedom of interracial dating. Unfortunately, the problem is the opposite way around when it comes to asian gay males dating other males: interracial dating is the NORM, all the while there seems to be a subtle social rule for asian guys that dating another asian guy is like dating one's brother or cousin; even gross and unthinkable to some. Albeit it's not a parental rule like what's being discussed here, it is a social one.

I'm sure you already might have heard the reasons to it before: it's the media and it's white-washing. It's the fact that our eyes, ever since we were young, haven't been exposed to enough asian male faces. It's all quite depressing, really.

Rest assured, though, I have great confidence that, like the issue of asian women being allowed to date white men, things will get better for asian men dating guys their own race, too.

its just the generation. Its sad, but that generation is dying off... don't mean to be cruel, but the new generation of the Asian culture is more accepting to interacial dating. My brother only dates Asian women, and he has two kids that are beautiful lil girls from his Asian GF. Nothing wrong with it. We all live on this planet, and we are bound to integrate....and we should. Nobody is 100% anything anymore. Asian women are beautiful people.

Not blasians, they don't look so good.

I have the same exact problems.. I'm asian, dating this White guy for almost a year now.. I love every single thing about this guy.. But my parents are scared that if I got married with him, I will never go home to my hometown and leave my parents which totally wrong!! I love my parents more than anything but I also Love LOVE this white guy..<br />
<br />
Glad to hear there are so many other people having same problem as me and happy.. :) hopefully my love story will end up happy too.. :) thank you for sharing!!

- Its interesting to study that white men who are inferior of approaching Caucasian women, are feeling more confident in approaching Asian women.<br />
<br />
- This is because Americans think that Asian women crave for white men, Asian women don't like Asian men and want to become white by getting fuxk by white men. These Asian women are so called 'whitewannabes'. Have you ever noticed this kind of mentality from your white bf/ husband? <br />
<br />
- Read this post: www.topix.com/forum/world/australia/T0E69FK7C5QNHGGBN <br />
<br />
- WM/AW couples can be seen far more than AM/WF 'only' because White men are attracted by Asian women but Asian men are normally not interest in White women, but many like to think in the way that Asian women worship white men like Europeans worship the Greek gods. <br />
<br />
- As an Asian woman, do you admit you're one of the 'whitewannabes' depicted in the above link, do you have responsibility to correct the superior pride of your western bf/husband?

Love is good.

Criticizing people for whom they love is bad.

I'm white and my wife is a Vietnamese immigrant. We have two kids. My daughter is now eight and gets a lot of attention for being pretty. My son is 4 and is also good looking. Being in a cross cultural marriage these days is no big deal. I see couples like ours all the time. In fact, in my daughter's class, there are four other mixed kids just like her. Mother is Asian and the father is white. I will say this though, the fact that she is a Vietnamese immigrant makes how we approach life differently sometimes. I think there may be some disagreements that would not exsist if she were born Asian American. We work through our differences though. Interacial dating is exciting and actually gives you an expirence to learn about others that you might not normally do on your own. We are currently planning to take our kids to a Tet festival during Lunar New Year. We want them to know about both backgrounds. Have fun and don't ever worry about what others think. We got looks from others sometimes when we first started dating, but I also found it was no big deal once we got older.

I am biracial (half Asian/"white"). My mother is Chinese and my father is Caucasian. I have quite a few friends whose mothers are Asian and fathers are Caucasian. Interracial relationships such as these are growing more and more common, but especially with white/Asian couples.

Certainly, I am partial to interracial marriage since my wife is Asian and we have four beautiful boys.

yeah i am asian too. my ex husband is white; our son is mixed and he is gorgeous.<br />
i have a lot of relatives who are married to white people. <br />
i don't know why that is.

personally, I think you two will have a beautiful baby :)<br />
<br />
one of my best friends just got married. he is korean, she is cauc. they are a beautiful couple!

My family accepts him.

Yeah I'm getting a lot of crap from my family for dating a white guy for almost 5 years now. We're planning on getting married sometime soon in the future now that he's in the Navy. I'm scared cuz my dad is this total old fashioned Chinese guy that lives in a different country. I'm the only one living here in Seattle so he only got to meet my mom once on Xmas 06. Glad to hear that other asian girls are dating white guys also :)

its nice to see asian dating a white guy thanks for this post and more power to you and your dating life.<br />
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<br />

It's been over a year since I've wrote this. And we're still together. Actually, we're having a baby soon in July!!! And now we have even MORE lookey loo's. Which is cool. I don't mind i t at all. I actually enjoy it. Whether they like it or not. Just the fact that we stand out. hehe..

the most important thing is that he treats you right which you said he does.

I am Asian married to a Caucsian. It has been 14 yrs. We have two beutiful kids. I was adopted by Caucasian parents so it wasn't an issue with them. The problem at 1st was that he is 11yrs older than me. You have to do what you think is right for you.

Oh My God.. that is EXACTLY what I'm going through! I'm even in central California as well. I don't see that many asians here, but I love the attention I get for being asain. I stand out. But if I go to Union Square in SF, I'm just like everyone else... it makes me sad. I also love the attention HE gets for dating an asain. The only thing is I don't want him to meet the rest of my family, because they are total "AzN PrYdE BBIIAATTCHH! Got Rice?" Not really for my embarrassment, but for his, because of the trash he'll get from the color of his hair, to the sports he plays (he plays football which they hate, and lacrosse and hockey which are total white sports)<br />
<br />
But the sad thing is I feel kind of lonely about the fact that there aren't that many bilingual asains here. There are a lot of Mexicans here, and I always hear them speak Spanish to each other and it makes me wish that there was someone here who knew enough Viet to have a conversation with me.<br />
<br />
I am excruciatingly happy being with my a little overweight, tall as hell, white, blonde man! I love him! I love him! I love him! He's like a big sun-burnt bear who is constantly keeping me warm all year round!

Okay, here in southern California, everyone dates everyone! You will especially see lots of asian girls with white guys. Many cities here are historically Navy towns, and our military men and women travel all over the world, fall in love, and bring their mates home with them, so you will see lots of mixed race (ethnicity, etc) couples here. I say, enjoy it! When you find someone to love, just love them!!!

it is all that matters. Don't let other people's prejudices stop you from loving someone....