Filipino Features

No, I'm not those stereotype Asians you think of. I do not have small eyes or and very white skin. Instead, I have fair complexion and some kind of Malaysian features. My nose is a bit flat, unlike European and American noses. And one thing;s for sure. I have a small chest. One thing different with my looks is my hair and my height. My hair is unusually brown unlike the others, which are black. Probably because of my great great great grandfather is Spanish (she met my grandma during WWI when the Spaniards invaded the Philippines) and his genes were still carried up to my generation. I'm 5'8 of height, which is really unusual for an asian girl. The common height in the Philippines is 5 - 5'5. I'm sorta a giant here.

In the west, it's a common idea that Asians are geniuses and masters of overdoing things. Yet, It's really awkward that I'm not good at anything.
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So I'm supposing that you live in the Philippines? I'm 5'7 but my parents came to the US, we hung out with lots of Filipino families. My grandfather was half American and I was also hated for being tall. My hair is brownish black, and I am darker. If my hair was blacker I wouldn't mind being paler, but being lighter makes me look weird. <br />
Out all the flips I went to school with, only like three were actually genuinely friendly. One because she was my cousin, and the other two, guys who were in my classes. I was in athletics with them both but was better in academics.<br />
Anyway, I know what it's like to be stigmatized. It's not fun; all my friends are different races. It's great because I get to learn their cBultures. I hope things work out better.